About us

Jack and Jenny

Hey there! So nice of you to be interested in how this amazing adventure started!
So buckle up and get ready for a roller coaster ride, because it literally felt like that for the past few months to us.

Like any other working woman, I was happy with my work, giving my all to it with little or no time left for my personal thoughts at all. The only solace I got was by going out with friends or watching some TV series etc, so the typical clich├ęd types. Since my childhood, I've always had immense love for dogs. I feel so at peace when I'm with them and they've also had great affinity with me. Feeling that words literally can't justify.

So amongst all this gloom, boredom, I came across the opportunity to become parent to a beautiful Indie Baby who had been through a lot since she came into this cruel world. We were looking for a baby for quite some time but the adoption NGOs need a certain level of trust to ensure that the baby is taken care of extremely well, especially when they're giving the baby to a working family. So when Jenny (Our Princess) came into our lives, we were on cloud nine! And then our eyes opened..

As Jenny was a rescue baby, she didn't trust us in the beginning and was repeatedly going through the trauma she'd faced before being rescued. Sleepless nights, a lot of convincing, even sharing the floor to sleep together as she wouldn't sleep properly at all were some efforts that we put in and finally on one cold winter night, she finally decided to hop on our bed and share it to sleep cozily for the first time! The bond slowly strengthened, and then came the antics due to which we call her our princess. She would wake us up in the middle of the night to play and then want us to massage her for hours, non-stop. But we felt happy and proud, like any parent would.

Then came the tough time of leaving her at home while we went to our office (earlier she used to accompany us as she was too little to be left alone). We came back to a crying baby realizing that her haunts were not over at all. We shared our concern with our friend at the NGO and were suggested to give her a companion baby for some time in order for her to adjust well while being away from us. And that's how we got the naughtiest member of our family - Jack!

He is truly the impersonation of 'Loki - God of Mischief' as he's naughty but endearing at the same time. Even Jenny was happy to let him take the center stage and get a lot calmer which helped us a lot. And the baby who came into our lives as a short term companion of Jenny, became part of our lives forever and made us complete!

The fights over food, our clothes being torn, new shoes destroyed for fun were some of the habits we adjusted to. We understood what parenthood is and why there is a huge difference between a pet parent and a pet owner.

'Jack & Jenny' isn't just s store or a brand. It's the story of our struggles and our understanding of the steps to become a parent, by taking care of our babies perfectly without any compromise. The accessories they need, in fact, they love and all the necessities for them to live happily.
We also realize our responsibility towards the babies who haven't found a home yet and struggle on the roadside on a daily basis in the harsh weather changes, especially winters.
We would love for you to have the same passion as us and make this world a lot better place because deep down inside our hearts we all know that with our kind of behavior issues, we really don't deserve the noble creatures we do fondly know as - 'DOGS'

This is who we are... And that is how life is for us.

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