Pepper - Onwer of Tail Club

I always wanted to have a dog and I am a huge advocate of #AdoptDontShop. When I began living independently in Gurgaon, I felt it was time to bring a furball home. As I was working from home I could give it all the time and attention needed. I approached several NGOs because I was interested in adopting, but I would often get turned down because I lived alone. They had apprehensions about how I would manage a dog being a bachelor. And you know the stereotype about bachelors. But I was self employed and worked from home, so an NGO called Umeed, decided to consider my request and finally let me adopt a beautiful Indie who was then called Tia at the shelter and I renamed her Pepper. They came for house inspection, interviewed me and still asks me about her after 2 years of adoptions. That's how every NGO should be involved in the kids they rescued.

When I got Pepper home I also fostered her mother Lucy so she can be comfortable and build a strong immunity with her mom around.

I trained Pepper at home for basic obedience and agility with some fun tricks as well 🙂 She's amazing at responding to commands and super active for all kinds of agility games. She has a very strong personality and she's a self proclaimed guard dog 😛 One of the most alert dogs I have seen around. But at the same time she is completely people's dog, can't stay alone and is very cuddly. I stopped going out to places where Pepper couldn't accompany me and that's also a reason we have our own pet friendly cafe/park called Tail Club. Always had a dream of running a small cafe in the city but after adopting Pepper I thought it might as well be a pet friendly cafe 🙂

She has her own Instagram where we share our day to day activities and our adventures together. The very fact that she is an Indie and capable of so much I created her account to tell more people about this amazing indigenous breed.

I have traveled with Pepper to the snowy mountains and to the desserts of Rajasthan. She loves to be in the car with me and we have done road trips as long as 15 hours at once without any problems. We have stayed in the hotels and camped in our car with ease. Being an Indie she has a great ability to adapt and be comfortable with any kind of food and environment, which makes it even more easier for me to take her to places.

Recently I also adopted Pepper's mom Lucy whom I fostered initially and she's my 2nd dog. So now we're a complete family 🙂

They're my responsibility, my family and arguably the best thing happened to me.