Riva & Ryan - Srishti's bliss

Adopting Riva was a pure chance indcident! Its almost like it was meant to be. I had been randomly joining furry adoption groups on Facebook becasue its nice to look at doggo pics and reading success stories. I have wanted to adopt a doggo for the longest but always thought I wasn't ready. One day I saw a post that said Riva was up for adoption. I was mulling over the decision for a good week. I filled out an adoption form. The rescuer Ekta got in touch with me. I requested that I meet Riva before I take her home. I wanted to see if she would warm upto me. I met her in a dog cafe in Gurgaon. In hindsight it feels like it all happened in a flash. The day I was supposed to bring Riva home my grandpa passed away. Another week passed and I finally go to pick up Riva. She was a whimpering tiny fur ball. She was badly injured in a dog fight by another alpha. I got her straight to work that day. She immediately found a corner and made herself comfortable. My mind was almost on auto pilot I had no idea what I was doing. In preparation I had bought her a bed (which she tore in under 30 minutes), bowls (which she never used), collars( which were too big for her) and toys which she never played with. I felt like I was doing everything wrong! But having her home with me felt right. Her rescuer Ekta walked me through everything. Her vaccinations, feeding, walking and everything under the sun. Riva and I have found such a huge support in Ekta. We still send her pee and poo pics asking is the color is right! We would get ready and head to work everyday. She loved spending her days being pampered by my colleagues. I have no idea how the days passed but it felt right. 6 months with Riva and her brother needs a home to stay. Enter Ryan. I had no idea how I was goign to manage 2 doggos. But again I was on auto pilot and it felt right. I bring Ryan home, get him spayed. He developed the worst infection I have ever seen. But he makes a quick recovery. Riva was always by his side! She would pounce at the vet who would come home to dress Ryan and give him injections. I thought that Riva was speech impaired. She was that silent. She never barked! She was the most calm baby I have ever seen. Ever since Ryan has come home she has changed! She has become her own person. I feel that bringing Riva home was the best decision I made for myself and bringing Ryan home was the best decision for the both of us! 

Now they both rasie hell at home! They run around the house and are a pure joy. Ryan sleeps between my legs and Riva cuddles up next to me! They hog the blanket and I am shivering every night. But my heart is so so warm. 

My 3 year old neice dots on them. And the feeling is mutual. They are great with her. She shower her with such adoration. She is no more scared of dogs and wants to hug any and every dog she sees. 

Ryan and Riva have filled my heart with the kind of joy I never knew was possible!