Woody's World

So let’s give you guys a bit of our background before we start woody’s story. 

My husband is a huge dog lover. He had 7 dogs at one point of time and when I came to his life there were 4 left. We waited for each of them to complete their lives before getting any pup. 

2014 was particularly a bad year in our life. We first lost our baby and then starting 2015 we lost my beloved mother in law. Our house was empty and so was our lives . We were not able to decide what to do next in our life and then one day someone contacted us from dog adoption center. Through a friend they got to know our love for dogs and they requested us to provide home for a lab. He was with a family of grand parents and 3 young kids. They said those people are moving to Singapore and the quarantine laws Of Singapore are very strict and we don’t want our little baby to put through that tough phase hence we have decided to find him a new home. We were not ready at that time but still we decided to go see him. 

We went to Gurgaon and there he was; “woody” a beautiful and energetic yellow lab. We fell in love with him and he also greeted us with warmth. We decided to adopt him. His then parents came to our house to drop him with his stuff which included his bed, bowl, vaccination card etc. The little boys were crying and so was woody. We were happy to welcome him home but at the same time sad as well to see him. 

He took almost a month to get adjusted to his new home . 

There was a huge change he had to go through but I can say today he is a happy little spoiled soul.His previously family were  Tamil Brahmin and he was totally disciplined like them. Absolutely vegetarian, very good behaviour. I must mention he used to wash his feet before getting into the  house after walk. But now my husband has completely spoiled him. He is a hard core non vegetarian today.

Initially he would sit in a corner, scared. But slowly he started to accept us as his own and today He is an inseparable part of us . He filled our empty house and he is our elder baby. Today we have a daughter who has sibling equations with him. They fight, they r jealous with each other but at the same time inseparable. We had to face a lot of issues when Shanvi was born. He was jealous , upset with all the attention going to her but still while we were not around he used to guard her cot and just be there while she was sleeping. 

That’s how we got our first baby woody when he was 2 years old. Today he is almost 6 but still pees in my shoes if I scold him. They never grow up!