Woody's World

So let’s give you guys a bit of our background before we start woody’s story. 

My husband is a huge dog lover. He had 7 dogs at one point of time and when I came to his life there were 4 left. We waited for each of them to complete their lives before getting any pup. 

2014 was particularly a bad year in ...


Riva & Ryan - Srishti's bliss

Adopting Riva was a pure chance indcident! Its almost like it was meant to be. I had been randomly joining furry adoption groups on Facebook becasue its nice to look at doggo pics and reading success stories. I have wanted to adopt a doggo for the longest but always thought I wasn't ready. One day I saw a post that said Riva was up for adopt...

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Pepper - Onwer of Tail Club

I always wanted to have a dog and I am a huge advocate of #AdoptDontShop. When I began living independently in Gurgaon, I felt it was time to bring a furball home. As I was working from home I coul

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